This method wraps tidy.lm().

# S3 method for rlm
tidy(x, ...)



An rlm object returned by MASS::rlm().


Arguments passed on to tidy.lm


An lm object created by stats::lm().

Logical indicating whether or not to include a confidence interval in the tidied output. Defaults to FALSE.


The confidence level to use for the confidence interval if = TRUE. Must be strictly greater than 0 and less than 1. Defaults to 0.95, which corresponds to a 95 percent confidence interval.


Logical indiciating if the only the term and estimate columns should be returned. Often useful to avoid time consuming covariance and standard error calculations. Defaults to FALSE.


Logical indicating whether or not to exponentiate the the coefficient estimates. This is typical for logistic and multinomial regressions, but a bad idea if there is no log or logit link. Defaults to FALSE.


For tidiers for models from the robust package see tidy.lmRob() and tidy.glmRob().

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